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Vancouver, BC, Canada
Posted on Saturday, May 11, 2024
👋 You found us. Awesome. Something led you here, maybe a glimpse of potential and something amazing? Well that’s how we feel about Klue.
Who are we?
Klue is a VC backed, capital-efficient high growth SaaS company. Tiger Global and Salesforce Ventures led our US$62m Series B in the fall of 2021. We’re creating the category of competitive enablement: helping companies understand their market and outmaneuver their competition. We benefit from having an experienced leadership team working alongside several hundred risk-taking builders who elevate every day.
We’re looking for an additional SDR Manager.
SDR’ing ain’t easy. But that doesn’t scare you because you, yourself have done the job. And now, you want to teach others how to do it. As a leader, you are passionate about bringing out the best in your team, ensuring they have a solid foundation to launch their career. Your closed-won is having one of your SDRs land their next role (at Klue or elsewhere).

Your Role:

  • Be the Coach: your primary role is to coach, mentor and motivate our team. Channel your inner Ted Lasso with pep talks that would make even a sloth run a marathon - both 1:1 and in group settings. Be prepared to help SDRs with prospecting strategies, call feedback, and ideas on how to break into an account.
  • Performance-Focused: figure out how you need to invest in every SDR to get them performing as well as possible - celebrate SDRs when they hit their goals, find challenges for your top performers, and lean into hard conversations and decisions around performance when it’s not there.
  • Metrics & Data Driven: in order to effectively coach, you need to be able to diagnose where an SDR should focus to improve and unlock their potential. Looking at indicators (leading and lagging) for those on your team to ensure we crush our goals! You manage reports and dashboards like you're the curator of the world's most exciting museum of numbers.
  • Experiment & Iterate: you’re constantly looking for opportunities to elevate yourself, those around you, and our processes. Whether that means you’re reviewing playbooks, researching new prospecting best practices, or writing emails for SDRs to use you need to constantly be thinking “where can we improve” and run with a plan to implement improvements.
  • Talent Scout: recruit, interview, and onboard new SDRs with the eye of a talent agent looking for the next big star.

This is You:

  • You have a history of performing and hitting goals - you’ll do what it takes to win.
  • You've got software prospecting chops, honed from cycles in the high-stakes world of fast paced B2B SaaS companies.
  • You're ready to lead without having led before (think more Caitlin Clark, less Lebron James).
  • You're a prospecting expert, as comfortable with cold calls and LinkedIn as I am with witty banter.
  • Accountability is your middle name.
  • You've got a knack for leadership and coaching, like if Yoda went corporate.
  • You're a communication wizard, breaking down complex ideas into snackable bites.
  • You're the hype human - keeping spirits high even when the chips are down.
  • You’re a pro at managing and prioritizing your calendar.
  • Data is your sidekick, and AI is your trusty steed (ideally you’re already invested in using AI in your work).

How We Work:

  • Hybrid. Best of both worlds (remote & in-office)
  • Our main Canadian hubs are in Vancouver and Toronto, and most of our teams are located in EST and PST.
  • You and your team will be in office at least 2 days per week.

Total Compensation & Benefits:

  • Competitive salary and eligible for a variable commission plan
  • Extended health & dental benefits that kick in Day 1
  • Time off. Take what you need. We want the team to prioritize wellness and avoid burnout. Vacation usually falls into 3 categories: recharging, life-event, & keeping a work-life balance. Just ensure the required work gets done and clear it with your team in advance. You need to take at least two weeks off every year. The average Klue team member takes 2-4 weeks of PTO per year.
  • Direct access to our leadership team, including our CEO
  • Be part of a high-performing team who know how to celebrate their success!
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Lastly, we take potential into consideration. An equivalent combination of education and experience may be accepted in lieu of the specifics listed above. If you know you have what it takes, even if that’s different from what we’ve described, be sure to explain why in your application. Reach out and let’s see if there is a home here for you now or in the future.
We’ve made a commitment to support and contribute to a diverse environment; on our teams and in our community. We’re early in our journey; we've started employee led resource groups, committed to Pay Up For Progress, and use success profiles for roles instead of 'years of experience'. We continue to scale our efforts as Klue grows. We’re proud to be an equal opportunity employer and have dedicated that commitment to our current and future #kluecrew. During the interview process, please let us know if there is anything we need to make more accessible or accommodate to support you to be successful.
All interviews will be conducted via video calls. We work in a hybrid model of WFH (remote) and in-office. We’re excited to meet you and in the meantime, get to know us:
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