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Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2023


Knock is looking for our first operations hire to help us grow the Knock business and scale our team, and ensure we continue to execute at a high-level while doing both. You’ll work with our founders to build a repeatable hiring process, run operations at Knock, and help on projects that contribute directly to our success as a business.

About Knock

Knock is on a mission to help products communicate with their users in a more thoughtful way. Building product notifications in-house takes months, often leading to poor user experiences. We believe that when done right product notifications help users find value in the products they use every day. That’s why we built Knock.
We're an NYC-based (remote friendly) startup of 11 employees that believe in the power of great software. We're APIs all the way down at Knock—Stripe for payments, Algolia for search, WorkOS for SSO. We're excited to add Knock to that list and to push forward the API-first movement. If you are, too, come join us and let's build something great together.
We’re backed by top investors and operators including Afore Capital, Preface Ventures, Worklife Capital, Guillermo Rauch (CEO/Founder @ Vercel), Scott Belsky (CPO @ Adobe), Adam Gross (CEO @ Heroku), John Kodumal (CTO @ LaunchDarkly), Nate Stewart (CPO @ Cockroach Labs), Charley Ma, and Zach Holman, to name a few.

What might make this a great role for you

You're excited about the idea of joining a small, early-stage team where you can play a meaningful role in shaping the direction of the company and its culture. You're a person who wants the agency to be able to make things happen on your own.
You're a fast learner. Though you may not have all the skills listed on this page, you'd love to work for a company that provides the opportunity to learn from an experienced and supportive team.
You're obsessed with leverage and automation. You love to look at the way a business is running, find opportunities for improvement, and then go make them happen.
You love data. You like to measure progress and use quantitative benchmarks to measure yourself and your team. You're comfortable in a spreadsheet and you may have even dabbled in SQL.
You’re a fantastic communicator. You can tell a good story, whether it’s in a long-form document proposing a new initiative or in an all hands deck to get the team excited about our progress to date.
You're organized. You enjoy diving into chaos and emerging with order. You feel comfortable keeping founders and investors accountable.

What you'll be doing in this role

In this role you'll work with our CEO on the following priorities:
Design and implement a company-wide operating system including regular meetings, quarterly/annual planning, departmental communications, and metrics tracking.
Own all-hands meetings and organize the materials and speakers required for them.
Determine and implement the right KPIs to keep our efforts aligned.
Help manage back office systems for the company including accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, accounts payable, budgeting and forecasting.
Help build the Knock hiring process: job postings, candidate funnel, and hiring standards.
Determine new ways to streamline processes and communication.
Help coordinate and schedule meetings and travel.
Help foster a fantastic culture.
Work with the CEO on special projects oriented on 10x’ing growth.


Send us an email at [email protected], tell us a bit about yourself, and include your resume/LinkedIn.
We can't wait to meet you.