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Senior QA Engineer - JavaScript, Typescript, API



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Software Engineering, Quality Assurance
Posted on Friday, January 12, 2024
About Volt.io

We’re building the world’s first global real-time payment network. When Volt launched in 2019, we recognised how open banking has the power to transform how businesses, wherever they happen to be, receive payments from their customers.

So, we set about building an open payments super gateway that enables merchants across the globe to receive direct, account-to-account payments – in real time.

Now, on the back of $23.5 million Series A and $60 million Series B funding rounds – and having brought together the most experienced, trusted names in payments – we’re powering a real-time revolution.

About The Role

In your role as a Senior QA Engineer, you will assume a pivotal position in the design, development, and maintenance of testing frameworks and infrastructure that facilitate comprehensive assessment and validation of software products. Your responsibilities will include the implementation of testing processes, the integration of diverse testing tools, and the assurance of product quality and reliability. Close collaboration with cross-functional teams is essential to fulfill the organization's quality-driven objectives.

Your contributions will be instrumental in raising the overall quality of our products within a dynamic software environment. Leveraging your expertise, you will mentor developers and actively enhance the software development process by implementing automation tests using Playwright.

What You’ll Do

  • Perform and execute manual tests to identify user experience issues, functional discrepancies, and usability concerns within the software products.
  • Implement testing automation frameworks that effectively assess, validate, and ensure the quality of software products.
  • Create testing processes that encompass multiple stages, from gathering test data to executing tests and reporting results.
  • Integrate testing across different components, interfaces, APIs, and external systems.
  • Design and develop effective test cases that address various usage scenarios while maintaining efficiency.
  • Monitor and optimize testing processes to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and reliability in identifying defects and issues.
  • Monitor and implement improvements to enhance the quality of the product as a whole.
  • Mentor developers in the process of improving product quality.
  • Plan and coordinate the implementation of new solutions to enhance product quality.
  • Support your team members in development and achieving the goals of the tasks.

What You’ll Bring

  • 5 years of quality assurance / test automation engineering experience.
  • Experience in API testing.
  • Proficiency in a test framework such as Cypress or Playwright.
  • Good knowledge of JS/TS programming language.
  • Knowledge of CI/CD.
  • Experience in working with tools for monitoring and debugging errors.
  • Good written and spoken English (all documentation is written in English).
  • Good interpersonal communication skills and the ability to explain complex concepts.
  • Knowledge of Scrum and Agile methodologies.
  • Strong coordination skills to effectively collaborate on projects with developers and work seamlessly with cross-functional teams
  • Strong organizational, self-motivation, and proactive attitude, ensuring the ability to take initiative and drive tasks to completion efficiently.
  • You thrive in the fast-paced and challenging environment of a startup (getting things done mentality).

This job is no longer accepting applications

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