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Full Stack Technical Lead - Python, Django, SQL



Software Engineering, IT
Posted on Saturday, June 1, 2024
About Nomic Studios Inc.

Robot Sea Monster is a digital product studio with extensive backgrounds in games and experience in XR, Blockchain, and education. Since our inception in 2012, the studio has successfully shipped over 35 products, serving major brands as diverse as Blue Shield, Pearson, LO3 Energy, Sizzle Entertainment, Occipital, and New Reality Arts. Working initially in mobile games founded by software industry veterans with over two decades experience; UX is in our DNA. By leveraging the insights of modern analytics, we take our deep understanding of moment-to-moment engagement and build a great user experience into a digital product. We've done it for games, on websites, in AR and VR, and as interfaces for distributed systems. The studio operates at the forefront of technology. Through our partnership with Occipital we developed AR on iOS before ARKit was available, and built the worlds first blockchain energy trading platform for LO3 Energy, Brooklyn Microgrid. Whether it is experience or technology, we help clients push into new frontiers. Our focus on process allows us to work in the uncertain landscape of software development with predictable results. That means delivering quality products on time, on budget. We identify and manage risks, including our clients in those decisions and the implications of those decisions.

About The Role

We seek a Full Stack Technical Lead with a broad skill set and a diverse range of technical experiences. Your expertise in programming languages (e.g., Python, TypeScript, PHP, SQL) and related frameworks (e.g. Laravel, Django, Nest, React, Vue) and your familiarity with the shared concepts underlying them will be pivotal in tackling complex projects across our varied client portfolio. In this role, you will implement and enhance the architecture of a wide range of projects and functionalities, relying upon your real world experience and development know-how to ensure efficient, maintainable, and scalable code that can flexibly adapt to evolving project demands. We seek a Full Stack Technical Lead with a comprehensive skill set and a wide range of technical experience beyond conventional coding. Your expertise and familiarity in multiple programming languages (e.g., Python, TypeScript, PHP, SQL) and with various frameworks (e.g., Laravel, Django, Nest, React, Vue) will be pivotal in tackling complex projects across our varied client portfolio. In this role, you will not only implement but also enhance the architecture of essential functionalities, ensuring that your work scales and adapts in line with evolving project demands and visions, always with a focus on clean, efficient, and high-quality code. As an integral member of our distributed, multidisciplinary team, you will dedicate 40 hours weekly to meeting and exceeding project expectations. Your role involves active participation in daily stand-ups, promoting seamless collaboration across multiple time zones, and consistently delivering tasks that achieve both time and quality standards. This remote position requires you to be flexible, with a mandatory 6-hour daily overlap with our core hours (9 AM to 5 PM PST), facilitating effective communication and ongoing team integration. We are looking for candidates who are not only technically adept but also strong communicators and problem solvers, capable of deconstructing complex tasks and thriving in an autonomous environment. You should have meticulous attention to detail, a proactive learning attitude, and a collaborative spirit that drives our team's creativity and productivity. We invite you to apply if you are eager to engage in challenging projects, clearly articulate your ideas and solutions, and contribute to a culture where innovation and efficiency are paramount.

What You’ll Do

  • Lead the design and implementation of critical features across our full technology stack, ensuring seamless integration and optimal functionality.
  • Apply expertise in Python and Django to drive backend development, complemented by sophisticated SQL database management for robust data solutions.
  • Show adaptability and a proactive approach in utilizing various technologies such as PHP (Laravel), JavaScript (React, Vue), NodeJS (Express, TypeScript), and more.
  • Demonstrate superior communication skills to simplify complex technical concepts and engage effectively with team members in both written and verbal English.
  • Employ best practices in coding, participate in rigorous code reviews, and promote a culture of continuous learning and excellence within the team.
  • Engage actively in all team activities, including discussions, stand-ups, and planning sessions, enhancing team cohesion and project success.
  • Optimize code efficiency and reusability by contributing to and leveraging the company-wide code repository.

What You’ll Bring

  • Profound expertise in backend development and database management, with a strong foundation in at least one major programming language (e.g., Python) and familiarity with others.
  • Experience in managing full-stack projects using various frameworks and technologies (e.g., JavaScript frameworks, NodeJS, PHP).
  • Knowledge of NoSQL databases and cloud services like AWS.
  • Proficient in using version control systems to maintain code quality and facilitate collaborative development.
  • Strong understanding of software development life cycle, from concept to deployment, with a focus on design patterns, optimization, and data management.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills, with an ability to rapidly debug and resolve issues, ensuring application reliability and performance.
  • Commitment to writing clean, maintainable code, with a focus on documentation and clear communication to streamline project workflows.
  • Capable of working independently, prioritizing tasks, and meeting deadlines in a fast-paced environment. Open to constructive feedback and committed to ongoing personal and professional development.
  • Familiar with project management tools such as Monday, Toggl, and Slack for effective teamwork and project tracking. Additional Expertise in Game Development Tools
  • Experience with game development environments such as Unity (C#) and Unreal (C++) is a plus but not required.