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Back End Engineer



Software Engineering
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

Back End Engineer

Caleb Lee
Feb 27
Role posting date: Feb 2023
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About Workwise

We're on a mission to improve the livelihoods of hourly workers through transparency and trust, starting with finding better jobs. We’re backed by top institutional VC firms and other seasoned operators to help make our shared vision into reality.
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About the Role

What you’ll do:
Help build Workwise’s core product features from the ground up
Architect and deliver the full software development lifecycle: design, development, testing, demoing, and supporting production use of the product features
Creating scalable, high-performance code while understanding complex technical areas along the way
Generate simple and elegant designs while writing high-quality code that can be easily understood and built upon
Brainstorm, define, and drive product features along with the technical direction of the company
What we’re looking for:
Technical Expertise: Architectural-level and/or full stack experience with significantly complex features
Creativity Within Ambiguity: Welcomes white space as opportunity to think outside the box and color outside the lines
Speed & Independence: Ability to drive projects from 0-to-1 quickly and autonomously
Growth Mindset: Desire to always be learning, no matter the knowledge source
Heart & Head: balances decision-making with both logic and emotional intelligence
Bonus Qualifications:
Experience with Typescript, tRPC, Node, Prisma, Postgres, and/or GCP or AWS sql/deployment services
Experience with scrapers and/or ETL pipelines and ingesting terabyte-sized files daily

Who You’d Work With

Report to:
Larry Zhang - CTO / Co-Founder
Work closely with:
Timothy (Tim) Makalinao - CEO / Co-Founder
Caleb Lee - COO / Co-Founder
Founding Product Designer
See What is Workwise - About the Founding Team for more info about the team

Interview Process

The engineering interview process typically involves 3 components:
Coffee chat: 15-20min video or phone conversation with one or more of the Workwise founders.
Technical Screen: 1 hour technical skills evaluation via video call.
Onsite Interviews: A day of 1 hour interviews that cover the following across multiple conversations:
[Technical] Technical Programming
[Technical] System Design
[Technical] Engineering Expectations & Prior Work Exploration
[Non-technical] Product Problem Solving
[Non-technical] Personal Experience


Workwise is based in Williamsburg, New York, NY. We believe in the power of face-to-face, personal connection. As a result, we prioritize in-person candidates.