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Full Stack Software Engineer



Software Engineering
Posted on Tuesday, June 6, 2023
*This is a fully remote role. You need to have a physical space that allows you to work well from home. We are looking for someone based in Mexico. Location within Mexico is flexible.*
About us
Headquartered out of Denver, CO, we’re a small but mighty team on a mission to completely reinvent the future of learning at work.
Spekit is the new way to learn in today’s remote, digital workplace. Say goodbye to distracted zoom training sessions and lengthy LMS courses your teams will forget. Instead, Spekit takes all of your training & enablement – for applications, processes, sales playbooks, SOPs, and more and embeds that training directly in your employees’ tools & workflows, right when and where they need them. Whether that’s a walkthrough to guide you through creating a quote in Salesforce or a competitor battle card to handle an objection in email, Spekit is your learning companion every step of the way.
The world’s most innovative companies, including Uber Freight, Outreach, Snowflake, Southwest Airlines, and Udemy, leverage Spekit to accelerate onboarding, drive tool adoption, increase productivity, remove the friction of change management, and fuel the growth of their employees – from anywhere.
With over $60M in VC funding from top venture firms, including Craft Ventures, Bonfire Ventures, Renegade Partners, and the Foundry Group, Spekit is the ride ship you’ll want to be on.
Your impact
We’re looking for an experienced Full Stack Software Engineer committed to high standards of excellence to help us continue to build world class products for our customers!
We seek customer-focused engineers who can build and test features end-to-end, support systems in production and who can collaborate with the broader team on architectural design, technical debt, and the overall development process.
Spekit is an engineering and product-focused company. As a software engineer on our learning squad, you'll be focused on solidifying the core Spekit building blocks and creating and improving an experience to make Spekit a part of everyday work for users.
Additionally, you’ll get a chance to thrive amongst other extremely talented engineers, while learning and working with a diverse team based in the US, India, Mexico and Pakistan, embracing challenges leading to growth and tapping into new opportunities that will shape the future of learning in the workplace. Not to mention you’ll get to work with leaders like Mike Falanga, Paul Hepworth and Jodi Mesa!
If you’re a do-er who thrives in a fast paced environment and who wants to leverage their expertise to make real, measurable impacts on the future of an organization, we want to hear from you!

What you bring to the table

  • Experience in Python (+ Django / Django-Rest, and Dramatiq), PostgreSQL, Redis, & RabbitMQ
  • Experience in React
  • A test-first mindset, and experience writing unit tests for both Django and React applications.
  • Experience building and scaling web applications to broad audiences


  • At least 4-6+ years in software developmentA Graduate or Undergraduate degree in Computer Science, or similar technical related field
  • Excellent software engineering fundamentals such as SOLID principles, design patterns, UML and other forms of systems design collaboration.
  • The tenacity to find the simplest solution, even if that solution is hard work.
  • The ability to communicate a vision, and the tactical knowledge on how to incrementally get there.
  • A willingness to work through unexpected roadblocks, and leaving improvements behind so that others don’t hit those same roadblocks.
  • A desire to develop a product that end users LOVE to use on a day to day basis.

Bonus Skills

  • Building browser extensions
  • DOM manipulation
  • Monorepo tooling
  • Design systems
  • Automated acceptance testing
Here's how you and Spekit will WIN:
Come to work with a sense of urgency and passion for achieving the mission of reinventing learning at work;
Obsess over our Customers. Put them first, go the extra mile and do the right thing. Always;
Be an owner. Control the things you have the ability to control; accept responsibility for mistakes, even when it’s hard; treat our resources as if they were your own - be frugal;
Communicate often, clearly, and concisely; raise yellow flags early;
Expect radical candor. You will give and receive feedback that both pushes you and challenges you to be better;
Provide feedback at all levels and to all teams. Challenge yourself, your peers and your leaders to be better everyday;
Be a constant learner and relentlessly seek improvement;
Hold others to the same high performance bar that you hold yourself to;
Do not put off until tomorrow what can be done today;
Contribute to a culture of respect and belonging for each person in the organization, the work they do, and who they are;Hire and promote individuals with high character, values, a history of high performance and a hunger to improve;
Demonstrate and celebrate commitment and achievement.
If you’re a do-er who thrives in a fast paced environment and who wants to leverage their expertise to make real, measurable impacts on the future of an organization, we want to hear from you!