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UI/UX Developer



Software Engineering, Design
Posted on Tuesday, June 27, 2023
* This is a fully remote role. You need to have a physical space that allows you to work well from home. We are looking for someone based in Mexico. Location within Mexico is flexible.*
About the Role
Reporting to our Head of Product Design, we're looking for a UI/UX Designer & Developer who can help Spekit deliver the best user experience possible! At Spekit, our tremendous growth within the product organization requires a UI-focused Front-End Developer who can work closely with the Product Design team to bring our designs to life. We need someone who can take the guidance and vision generated in the UX Research and UI Design process, and create clean code with pixel-perfect CSS.
This role is ideally a mix of both worlds (front-end and design). We’re looking for someone capable of combining their programming skills with creative design, who has an aesthetic and intuitive eye for visuals, and takes initiative to bring ideas to table around how we can further delight our users.
The UI Developer must be well-acquainted with both design (Figma) and web development (HTML, CSS, Javascript) tools.

Skills you’ll need to be successful on day 1:

  • ReactJS
  • Figma HTML/CSS
  • Git/Github
  • JavaScript dev tools (node, yarn, webpack, etc)

Other technologies we embrace

  • Storybook
  • ChakraUI
  • TypeScript

What we're looking for in you

  • You are a strong front-end coder. We’re looking for people who can write clean, effective code
  • You have a keen eye for pixel perfection in design
  • You have experience working with design tools (taking components and designs from Figma)
  • You bring new ideas to the table, and stay up-to-date on CSS trends and new releases
  • You have 3+ years in software development
  • You have an understanding of web standards and accessibility best practices
  • You enjoy working in an Agile development environment and taking initiatives in improving systems both for our teams as well as users
  • You have experience building and scaling web applications to broad audiences
  • You're deeply mission-driven and are constantly motivated by the challenge of solving big problems
  • You are excited to develop a product that end users LOVE to use on a day-to-day basis

How you and Spekit will WIN

  • Come to work with a sense of urgency and passion for achieving the mission of reinventing learning at work;
  • Obsess over our Customers. Put them first, go the extra mile and do the right thing. Always;
  • Be an owner. Control the things you have the ability to control; accept responsibility for mistakes, even when it’s hard; treat our resources as if they were your own - be frugal;
  • Communicate often, clearly, and concisely; raise yellow flags early;
  • Expect radical candor. You will give and receive feedback that both pushes you and challenges you to be better;
  • Provide feedback at all levels and to all teams. Challenge yourself, your peers and your leaders to be better everyday;
  • Be a constant learner and relentlessly seek improvement;
  • Hold others to the same high performance bar that you hold yourself to;
  • Do not put off until tomorrow what can be done today;
  • Contribute to a culture of respect and belonging for each person in the organization, the work they do, and who they are;
  • Hire and promote individuals with high character, values, a history of high performance and a hunger to improve;
  • Demonstrate and celebrate commitment and achievement.